In wake of the recent devastating events in the Khumbu Icefall where a looming serac over the west shoulder of Everest collapsed 360 Expeditions has started the process of setting up a foundation and charity to help the families of those we call our friends who have perished in this tragic accident.

The Sherpas are the backbone to our expeditions in the Himalayas. They are the ones whose knowledge is beyond our comprehension, whose dedication is commendable and who brings so much light, love and colour to each and every expedition we run over there.

They risk their lives driven by their passion of the mountains but also by the lure of a decent wage . The money they make in 2 months on the high peaks is often 10 times more than an average worker who is on $500 a year. This money is sent home to their mother, father, siblings, wives and children allowing good schooling, healthy crops, access to medical treatment and generally a pursuit of a better life.

This charity has been in the making for a while but after last Friday’s (18.04.2014) tragic events we feel it is our duty, out of love and compassion, to speed up the process and now help those affected and whose lives have been turned upside down.

We are now working in partnership with our Nepalese colleagues, our friends who we spend up to 5 months of the year with to support the families of our Sherpa team who have been lost to the mountains. Please see the donation page for more information on what our aims are and how we hope to make a difference.

As the weeks unfold we will be giving you updates on the progress of the charity. This is non-profit charity and every pence donated will be going to support4sherpas. A just giving page will be set up shortly – for now though please donate here.

We are in the early stages but PLEASE DONATE now – It will take less than 5 minutes of your time. If everyone donated just £5 it will make the biggest of difference, helping support and give a better future to the families of people who dedicate their lives to us and the mountains.


We have been a little quiet of late as there has been much going on behind the scenes to secure charitable status. We are now nearing the end of this process to comply with the legalities as set out by the Charities Commission and with an amazing £3,942 in the S4S PayPal account from your kind donations we are also near to the magic £5,000 to release these funds and get them winging their way over to Nepal to be put to good use.

Himalayan Guides, our colleagues in Nepal, are supporting the families of our friends and colleagues who lost their lives on 18th April and the kind donations that are currently in the Support4Sherpas PayPal account will be used for long term projects including education fees. Applying for charity status is a lengthy process, lengthier than we had hoped or expected.

Rolfe is heading up a small but perfectly formed team with Jo Bradshaw and Matt Crane to climb Everest next year and our aim is to raise as many funds for the charity as possible. With our work in Nepal this autumn we will see how your funds have made a difference to the families first hand.

We will keep you posted regularly here and on the S4S Facebook page with our plans for the charity and thank you all very much for the donations and support so far and heading into the future.

The Support4Sherpas Team